IMPORTANT!Effective immediately going inside a Bucksport Water Meter box for any reason without our knowledge or approval is prohibited. Failure to comply with this will result in the disconnection of your water and a $150.00 meter tampering fee that must be paid in full before water service will be restored. Meter tampering will include but not limited to: Turning your water on or off, removing locks or tabs, installing pipe to bypass your meter, or placing objects on meters that interfere with their reading. If you have any questions regarding this policy please feel free to contact our office at 843-248-3195.

Bucksport Water System is a member-owned, not for profit water system providing needs based service in the Bucksport and surrounding communities. Since 1968, we have been pumping and treating water to provide our customers with the safest drinking water possible.
Contact Information Phone: 843-248-3195
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